F.A.I. esegue progettazione e produzione di ingranaggi da 40 anni per aziende che operano in Brianza, Lombardia e resto d'Italia.
produzione ingranaggi Lecco,produzione ingranaggi Brianza,produzione ingranaggi Lombardia
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di  Ratti Riccardo & C. Snc

F.A.I. Fresatura Automatica Ingranaggi  has been founded in Galbiate, Lecco county (LOmbardia, Italiy), in 1974 by Baggioli Pietro and Ratti Giuseppe.

With the passing of time F.A.I. has been able to combine typical italian genius with technological evolution and, on these features, it has based a relationship of trust with companies operating in Brianza, Lombardia e in Italia, leaders in different production sectors that have relied on our gears for the power transmission in their products or production machinery.

Production process and turning from the raw materials (bars or clips) directly executed by F.A.I.